Shipping & Returns

Dear Customer,

At PartTracker, we strive to make your shopping experience as simple and seamless as possible. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a flexible return policy, allowing you to shop with confidence. Below you will find important information about our return and shipping policies:

Return Procedure:

  1. Packaging and Shipping: Please securely package the product to withstand transport and write/affix PartTracker's address on the box. Contact our Sales team to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form, which you must include in the package.
  2. Documentation: Ensure that the returned product is accompanied by clear documentation, including the completed RMA form and a description of the issue.

Return Conditions:
Products being returned must meet the aforementioned documentation requirements.

Return Policy:
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for our return policy.

Refund after Return:
The returned product will be evaluated within 5 days. Upon a positive evaluation, reimbursement will be processed within 14 days, accompanied by a credit invoice.

Product Exchange:
You have up to 30 business days to return your exchange/defective product to PartTracker.

Receipt Confirmation:
Upon receipt of your return, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance via email.

Return Costs:
Return costs are covered by the shipping party (the customer).

Non-Accepted Returns:
If a return is not accepted by PartTracker, we will contact you to discuss our findings and determine the next steps together.

Responsibility for Damage:
The responsibility for any damage to a returned shipment lies with the shipping party (the customer).

We hope that this policy addresses all your questions regarding returns and shipments. If you have further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are here to help!

Best Regards,

The PartTracker Team