Get to know us!

PartTracker was founded in 2009. Novel and unique in its vision within the current market of electrical components, PartTracker BV has acquired expertise in supplying these parts for machines and production lines. Through calmness, dedication, and oversight, growth and specialization have enabled us to improve our services.

PartTracker BV is an established name in the industry, with a solid reputation in delivery speed, reliability, and promptness in delivering solutions for malfunctions, repairs, and revisions. All these matters are part of the daily routine at PartTracker BV.

The specialists at PartTracker help you obtain industrial electrical components. It is crucial throughout the entire supply chain that a machine or production line becomes, remains, and stays operational.

We view our customers as team players in the chain, and we are very grateful for the trust we receive from them. To support this trust, we let our relationships know where we are investing to improve and expand existing services and set up new services from scratch when needed. Everything is geared toward an efficient supply chain.

Cirele BV - our service company for revision, repair, and maintenance.

The supply chain as applied by PartTracker is new and unprecedented in the market. We support the product based on its technical lifespan rather than the commercial lifespan as found in wholesalers and other supply chains.

That's why we have a sister company: Cirele BV. Our newly established service company focuses specifically on the electronics that PartTracker BV supplies to its relationships, offering repair, revision, and maintenance, all with a 2-year warranty.

Your benefits on the road to a circular supply chain:

In the overall picture, we say that we strive for a circular industry, especially in the electrical engineering industry. The government aims for a circular economy, but there is no circular economy without a circular electrical engineering industry.

A selection of benefits you can obtain by working with PartTracker:

  • Cost reduction in terms of the CO2 performance ladder.
  • Circular procurement leads to better positions in tenders.
  • Ensured availability of parts.

These are a few benefits that you won't find with standard supply companies.