Why choose us?

PartTracker B.V. is the company relied upon by the industry for electrical components. We offer various options. You can purchase items in different classes, from new to refurbished. This allows you to save hundreds, if not thousands of euros easily. If you encounter a defective item, you can turn to our repair service. General repair companies typically take 8 to 12 weeks per repair. At PartTracker, we can assure you of an average turnaround time of 5 weeks. During this time, all issues are communicated with the customer. This way, you know exactly what to expect.

Additionally, we utilize external B2B portals. If we don't have an item in stock, you can take a look at this portal. Here, over 13 million identical electronic components are presented. We work in partnerships. This means you're looking at items provided by over 550 companies.

If your company has surplus electrical components sitting on the shelf, gathering dust, we can help you get rid of them. Send an email to our sales department at [email protected]. We'll get in touch and start the process together.

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