PartTracker Export Service.

Companies from outside the European Union can rely on the export service for industrial products produced within the borders of the E.U. The strength of PartTracker lies in purchasing of industrial electronics such as sensors, PSU’s, PLC, HMI and other OEM parts. Occasional, we offer hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical parts on demand.

We offer a success- and meaningful service with the goal for the long term relationship. Companies who just send lists with parts for a quotation do not fit in our business model.

How would you like to use our strength to purchase?

Please let us know what kind of products you need.

  • We can discuss a commission. (single/some products a % of the price, with large quantities a tariff. )
  • The products will be collected on our logistics location and shipped with FCA or Ex-works incoterms.
  • Orders placed at manufacturers will be constantly monitored for changes to prevent unnescesary bottlenecks.
  • We are aware with the export regulations for a large deal of the countries outside the E.U.

PartTracker is member of the Dutch association for exporting companies, EVO Fenedex


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